2008 Gubernatorial Ratings

September 21, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

Here are our latest gubernatorial ratings. Democrats currently hold 28 governorships compared to 22 for the Republicans.

# - Moved benefiting Democrats
* - Moved benefiting Republicans

  • MO Open (Blunt, R)
TOSS-UP (0 R, 2 D)

  • Gregoire…

With Risk Comes Some Loss for EMILY’s List

Nathan L. Gonzales September 19, 2008 · 2:03 PM EDT

EMILY’s List has earned a reputation as a powerful interest group and has had its share of political victories through the years. When EMILY’s List endorses a candidate, people take notice. But you only have to look at last week’s primaries in New York to understand that the road isn’t always…

New Print Edition: Gubernatorial Outlook, House Ratings, Presidential Battleground

September 19, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

The September 18, 2008 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. The print edition comes out every two weeks (even more frequently as Election Day approaches) and the content is not available online. Subscribers get in-depth analysis of the most competitive…

Now It’s the DCCC That Is Swimming Against the Tide

Stuart Rothenberg September 18, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

In a curious coincidence of timing, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has added a number of Congressional districts to its various lists of competitive contests at exactly the same time that Republicans are seeing an uptick in their poll and fundraising numbers and an improved…

NRCC’s Spending Points to Potential Hot Spots

Nathan L. Gonzales September 17, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

Strapped for cash, the National Republican Congressional Committee will have to be more efficient than its counterpart when it comes to spending on House races. Recent independent expenditure spending on polling shows that the NRCC is searching for the best use of the money and proves that the…

Indiana 3: Democrats Claim Souder Is Vulnerable — Again

Nathan L. Gonzales September 16, 2008 · 12:06 AM EDT

A new poll done for young Democratic attorney Mike Montagano’s campaign claims that voters in Indiana’s 3rd district are tired of their incumbent, Rep. Mark Souder (R). But the results show Montagano still has some considerable ground to make up, and the polling looks similar to two years ago,…

Beyond Congressional Battleground, Close Gubernatorial Races Lurk

Nathan L. Gonzales September 16, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

Even with the tightening of the presidential race and renewed GOP excitement, Democrats are still widely expected to gain seats in the House and the Senate in November. But Republicans could actually see a net gain of seats in this year’s small crop of gubernatorial races.

Only 11 states are…

Latest Polls Raise Questions About the Political Landscape

Stuart Rothenberg September 15, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

Don’t assume that the first flurry of polls we’ve seen this week will reflect the 2008 electoral landscape two or three weeks from now. Like the Democratic convention bounce that benefited Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), the Republican bounce that now benefits Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) is likely to…

2008 Senate Ratings

September 14, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

Here are our latest Senate ratings.

Likely Takeover (2 R, 0 D)
  • NM Open (Domenici, R)
  • VA Open (Warner, R)
Lean Takeover (2 R, 0 D)

  • Stevens (R-AK)
  • Sununu (R-NH)
Toss-Up (3 R, 1 D)
  • CO Open (Allard, R)
  • Dole (R-NC)
  • Smith (R-OR)

Pentecostal Democrats Lead Party’s Faith Outreach

Nathan L. Gonzales September 12, 2008 · 12:04 AM EDT

After diving headlong into GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s past, the media is questioning the governor’s Pentecostal background and treating it as if it were a liability to her candidacy.

Yet for months, the media has been obsessed with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and the Democratic…