Republicans Turn to ‘No Blank Check’ in Final Days

Nathan L. Gonzales October 31, 2008 · 10:50 AM EDT

With Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) White House prospects dimming and just days to go before the elections, Republicans are turning to a “no blank check” strategy in an effort to minimize their losses in the House and Senate.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has been hammering the “no…

RNC, GOP tweak tactics to lure conservative Democrats

Stuart Rothenberg October 30, 2008 · 5:47 PM EDT

(CNN) — While many in the media are single-mindedly focused on vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s outfits, Republican efforts to brand Sen. Barack Obama a socialist and the chances that Democrats will net nine Senate seats (giving them 60 seats in the next Senate), some other interesting…

Choosing Winners, Losers: Did NRCC Make Right Picks?

Stuart Rothenberg October 30, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

Like everyone who pays attention to House races, I was more than a little interested to see where the National Republican Congressional Committee would use its limited resources on independent expenditures this cycle.

Now, with Election Day fast approaching and Republicans likely to lose more…

2008 House Ratings (October 24, 2008)

October 29, 2008 · 1:04 AM EDT

Here are our latest House ratings. Our latest estimate is a Democratic gain 27-33 seats, up from a Democratic gain of 25-30 seats.

# = Moved benefiting Democrats
* = Moved benefiting Republicans
^ = Newly added

PURE TOSS-UP (10 R, 3 D)
  • AL 2 (Open; Everett, R) #
  • AL 5 (Open;…

Three hot states to watch on Election Night

Stuart Rothenberg October 29, 2008 · 12:04 AM EDT

(CNN) — With the presidential campaign and more than 75 competitive races for the House and Senate, keeping track of it all on Election Day can be a bit overwhelming. But focusing on three states (North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida) will provide a window through the November 4 election chaos. Read…

Alaska Senate: Begich Now Favored

October 28, 2008 · 11:16 PM EDT

Embedded video from CNN Video

2008 Senate Ratings (October 24, 2008)

October 28, 2008 · 1:06 AM EDT

Here are our latest Senate ratings. We are increasing our estimate to a Democratic gain of 7-9 seats, up from 6-9 seats.

# = Moved benefiting Democrats
* = Moved benefiting Republicans

Likely Takeover (4 R, 0 D)
  • Sununu (R-NH)
  • CO Open (Allard, R)
  • NM Open (Domenici, R)
  • VA…

Georgia 13: Democrats Sound the Alarm

Nathan L. Gonzales October 28, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

“Emergency Funds Needed for Rep. David Scott,” blared the subject line of the Oct. 21 e-mail about Georgia’s 13th district race.

It’s a strange juxtaposition in a national environment that strongly favors the Democrats and a Democratic Congressman who represents a district that Sen. John Kerry…

It’s Getting Bleaker for McCain, Worse for Hill Republicans

Stuart Rothenberg October 27, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

While major media outlets are hesitant to pronounce the presidential race over for fear of being harassed by Republicans and conservatives, there isn’t much doubt at this late date that it is over. Democratic Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) will be elected president in less than two weeks.